Conference Proceedings

  • Is “Better Data” Better than “Better Data Miners”? (Benefits of Tuning SMOTE for Defect Prediction). International Conference on Software Engineering, 2018. [Link]

    • Presented my paper at ICSE'18 [Link]​.

  • We Don't Need Another Hero? The Impact of “Heroes" on Software Development”. International Conference on Software Engineering, SEIP track, 2018. [Link]

    • ​Presented my paper at ICSE-SEIP'18 [Link]​.

  • What is the Connection Between Issues, Bugs, and Enhancements? (Lessons Learned from 800+ Software Projects). International Conference on Software Engineering, SEIP track, 2018. [Link]

  • Data-Driven Search-based Software Engineering. Mining Software Repository 2018. [Link]

  • "Trends in topics at SE conferences (1993--2013)." Proceedings of the 39th International Conference on Software Engineering Companion. IEEE Press, 2017. [Link]

  • "Hyperparameter Optimization of Learners for Educational Datasets". Educational Data Mining, 2018.

  • "Pipelining Acoustic Model Training for Speech Recognition Using Storm." In Computational Intelligence, Modelling and Simulation (CIMSim), 2013 Fifth International Conference on, pp. 219-224. IEEE, 2013. [Link]


  • Better Software Analytics via "DUO": Data Mining Algorithms Using/Used-by Optimizers. Empirical Software Engineering 2020. [Link]

  • How to “Dodge” Software Analytics? Transactions of Software Engineering, 2019. [Link]

  • A Method for Finding Trends in Software Research. Transactions of Software Engineering, 2018. [Link]

  • What is Wrong With Topic Modeling? And How To Fix it Using Search-based SE. Information and Software Technology Journal 2018. [Link]


  • Characterizing The Influence of Continuous Integration: Empirical Results from 250+ Open Source and Proprietary Projects. FSE Swan Workshop, 2018[Link]

  • "The BigSE project: lessons learned from validating industrial text mining." In Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on BIG Data Software Engineering, pp. 65-71. ACM, 2016. [Link]


  • Can You Explain That, Better? Comprehensible Text Analytics for SE Applications, 2018 [Link]

  • Building Better Quality Predictors Using "ϵ-Dominance", 2018 [Link]